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Sogol Mabadi : Artist in Residence

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Artist in Residence | Sogol Mabadi | October 1st – 31st |


Sogol Mabadi will be in residence in the space from October 1st to 31st :

My experience of the ‘veil’ is of something that does not mask but simply exists. Intrinsically. And like an encryption it has a sense of its own.

If my efforts have previously been grounded in the idea of an intrinsic veil that you are encouraged to lift to explore ‘otherness’, I will now investigate how, in the process of making these veils visible, we might integrate and accept them as extra limbs with a function. During my residency, I will investigate how a veil may be used as ears are used for hearing, eyes for seeing and arms for reaching out. In an equitable and welcoming space, I will, with the use of these integrated attachments, invite you to playfully interact with me in both familiar and new ways.

There will be no exhibition or opening at the conclusion of this residency. Instead I will invite you to come and spend time with me in the space.  Information about dates and times will be made available on the website closer to the time.

For more information please visit


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