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Pipe By Night: Film Fundraiser

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Pipe By Night: Film Fundraiser

This event will be the inauguration of our new strand ‘Pipe by Night’. Our Pipe by Night series will play host to a wide variety of events, supporting creatives from a range of disciplines, encouraging new work and collaboration.

Proceeds from this first event will help fund a documentary film about the restrictions on freedom of movement in Palestine. The documentary, being made by a team based in Glasgow, will focus on the Palestine Marathon. The film will follow a group of runners as they travel to Palestine in March to run the marathon, along side a group of Palestinian friends from the group ‘Right to Movement’. In May, the Glaswegian team will welcome the Palestinan group to Scotland when they will run the Edinburgh marathon together. The team will be filming on the night and the fundraiser will feature in the documentary.

SHORT DOCUMENTARY FILM 7:30pm – 8pm ‘Occupied Skies’ by Daniel Easterman and Woody Morris In the West Bank village of Burin, local volunteers are preparing to hold their annual kite festival. Despite fear of arrest or violent retribution, the volunteers hope that through this act of cultural resistance they are able to re-enforce their connection to the land, and bring their country one small step forward towards self-determination. Trailer:

The film will be followed by:


LIVE MUSIC Lylo Glasgow’s Lylo are here to dazzle you with their emotionally charged, blue eyed soul – their seductive & melancholic vocals weave around woozy synths and saxophone, tingling guitars, smooth, pulsating bass and a hot flurry of drum fills and tight as syncopated rhythms. Coming from Glasgow’s DIY scene and crossing over musical genres has marked Lylo as one of Glasgow’s most distinct and appealling bands. (- Freakender)

Pleasure Pool The image has cracked – the centre cannot hold. In an age of too many backward-looking bands, with corpses in their mouths, Pleasure Pool have arrived. Like lost children, we will live our unfinished adventures, in an evening of reasoned derangement of the senses, resolving the paradoxical duality of the mind-body schism, by making you dance. Hard. If you don’t, we don’t care. After all, the tears of philistines are the nectar of the Gods.


Ewan Chambers (Healthy)


Katie Shannon (So Low)

If you would not like to be featured in the documentary, please let one of The Pipe Factory committee/volunteers know on the night.


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