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Jack Bishop: Almost There

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Almost There

Jack Bishop

March 17th – 1st of April

Almost There combines a series of sculptural installations that document the shifting environment encountered within the home, pivoting around the underlying tensions felt within these transformative spaces. Components of the work are made from raw building material such as wood, insulation and foam which have been altered to take on new connotations which question the structural integrity of the physical and mental walls that surround us. Some works respond to the voyeuristic gaze of an empty house, an ever-present feeling of being watched. Inanimate objects have embodied social pressures and represent the often critical self-judgement encountered while alone. They stand as a reactive process assembled from contrasting materials in response to this transient environment of comfort and discomfort. This feeling of uncertainty has been investigated through its different manifestations and coping methods which have led to works masquerading as sublime beings of like-ability, playing on insecurities and the facades used to conceal them.

Jack Bishop is an artist living and working in Glasgow.


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