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Strange Field provides opportunities for creative experimentation, learning, and development, with a focus on underrepresented and early-stage career artists, and our local community, at both French Street and The Pipe Factory in Glasgow's East End.

Our vision is for accessible creative platforms to be embedded across Glasgow, at the heart of communities as catalysts for increased creative development, education and experimentation, and inclusion. 

We do this by building a network of creative practitioners and educators that facilitate, support, and share work that is vital to the wellbeing of artists and the communities in which they exist.

Our Strategic Priorities are:

  • To support under-represented and early career artists and curators to test out new ideas and centre their creative development

  • To prioritise accessibility and resilience within the arts and ensure grassroots & artist-led creative activity is embedded across our organisation, where as much agency as possible is devolved to the level of the community.

  • To work with our local communities in Glasgow’s East End, as catalysts for creative change, improving quality of life through access to cultural activity for all ages.

We seek to establish and continuously strive for best practice around non-hierarchical governance, to understand how we can improve our working practices and organisational resilience.


“Remember: The rules, like streets, can only take you to known places. Underneath the grid is a field - it was always there - where to be lost is never to be wrong, but simply more.”

- Ocean Vuong

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