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Strange Field is a registered Scottish Charity, working within in the east end of Glasgow since 2012.  

We work via a horizontal/ non-hierarchical structure that seeks to implement grassroots and radical approaches to governance, and actively advocates community ownership as a step towards cultural resilience.


Strange Field operates an innovative governance model known as Policy Governance or Carver Governance. The approach is popular within consumer co-operatives in the United States.


As part of our more radical approach to working practice and learning from redistribution of wealth practices, all of our staff are paid the same rate of pay.


We also acknowledge the equally important different forms of labour that go into running an organisation and believe no one person's hours are more valuable than another's. 

In addition to this core team, we have a pool of regular collaborators composed of artists, technicians, curators and producers, who work with us in freelance capacity to develop the work of Strange Field across its venues.  

Our trustees are:


Suki Wan   Helen Moore

Steven Grainger   Becca Clarke


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