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Hugh Pottinger & Patrick Queen : Graduate Residency

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Hugh Pottinger & Patrick Queen Graduate Residency August 1st – 31st


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Hugh Pottinger and Patrick Queen where selected as part of The Pipe Factory Graduate Residency programme as artists in residence for the month of August 2013. They used the time and space provided as part of the residency as a testing ground to bring together their individual practices within a collaborative project. Both artists consider spatial experience to be an important part of their work, but respond to this stimulus in differing ways. Hugh Pottinger takes sound as his primary focus to produce complex audio pieces and improvised instruments while Patrick Queen explores the physicality of materials, often using clay and plaster to construct sculptural forms. Their work for the project aimed to make visible the moments of overlap and tension in their respective practices, producing new bodies of work that address the relationship between what we see and what we hear, and the simultaneous experience of sonic and physical environments.

As part of the project Hugh Pottinger also created a sound workshop entitled ‘Voluntary Vibrations’ based around objects associated with ‘exhibition opening culture’ and audience engagement. This involved the creation of a beer bottle choir and a clapping orchestra which where conducted by the movements of selected audience members as they passed through the space. The night also featured a performance from Hugh with various improvised instruments. The sound from these workshop was later used as a basis for the end of residency exhibition.


Image credit @ Untitled Patrick Queen 2013


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