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During the day the cafe was open to the public. guests where greeted by a waitress at the door and offered the couleur cafe speciale. They where free to walk around and explore the space at will. When their drink where served the couleur cafe title track is played throughout the cafe (operated by the waitress). When they are not serving the waitresses will be preening themselves and interacting with the set. There is a piano projected onto the wall, emitting bohemian melodies and 60’s french pop from time to time.

During the night the cafe became a book-ahead event for a maximum of 8 people per night. guests where expected to arrive roundabout the same time. They are greeted by a waitress who gave them a pair of wireless headphones and told them how to use them, how the food is served, etc.

There was a brass candlestick with lit candles in the centre of the dining table.

There was a chef in white uniform and hat in the kitchenette who is preparing food and flirting with the waitresses.

There was be an old radio in one corner of the space with a sensor behind it; when a guest is in the near vicinity they automatically tune in to the radio channel (looped music and french sound poetry-similar to the piano emissions during the day)

When the food was ready the corresponding track to a particular dish played from a sensor hidden under the dining table, so that the guest who ordered a dish knows their food is ready. The Guests where shown to their seats (each seat has a folded white sheet upon it) served their dish and the waitress placed the white sheet over their heads so that they could dine in peace.

On certain nights there was live music/entertainment after dinner.



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