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We deliver both an arts and community programme, in our ground floor spaces at both French Street and The Pipe Factory. We also provide a range of affordable studios for artists to develop their work, if you are interested in our studios please click here.

We offer an application writing support service, for information about this and our rates please email us.

Strange Field


We deliver a curated programme of exhibitions, events, residencies, and workshops,  that centre our strategic priorities. Working in partnership with artists, organisations, and local communities, we develop projects throughout the year that prioritise early career and under-represented artists.


There is a focus on artist development throughout our approach, prioritising a supportive, collaborative, and horizontal approach to exhibition and event making. As part of this, we support a Programming Committee to develop their curatorial skills and gain experience to develop their own projects.

Open Community Art School

We are working towards a new alternative arts education programme, in the form of an open community art school, which will be based within The Pipe Factory.

We aim to reach as diverse a student body as possible and to overcome barriers that prevent people from taking part in creative activity.

Open to the public, participants will be invited to work in a studio environment with other artists, to develop their practice and build their own curriculum from a range workshops and events.


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