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Duncan Marquiss : Spandrals Screening

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Duncan Marquiss : Spandrals Screening


A screening of works relating to the ideas and images presented within ‘Spandrals’ (exhibition), featuring the works of Rose Lowder (‘Bouquets 1-10’), and extracts from various lectures, artists film and source material.


Video List :

Knitted Clothing Simulation at Ultra High Detail by Kai Kostack, 2012

Lecture on schizophrenia by Robert Sapolsky, 2011(extract)

Phillip K. Dick audio interview with Paul Sammon, 1981 (extract) / Scratches film effects video by Footage Island, 2013

Thomas Bayrle interviewed by Ingo Niermann, 2012

Stephen Jay Gould: 7 Wonders of The World, 1995

Blue Jeans The Fabric of Freedom, 2013

Composing With Process 8.1 by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore, featuring Strand of Life by Laurie Spiegel / Static tv morph noise effect – lo-fi by Free Stock Footage Archive, 2014

Marshall McLuhan lecture on ABC Radio National Network Australia, 1979

Bouquets 1-10, 1994-1995 by Rose Lowder.


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